Blessing Other People Through Personal Prophecy

The Apostle Paul said that people should covet the gift of prophecy. He said also that people should desire it primarily the gifts. You too can have the gift of prophecy and practice giving prophetic words over the internet if y ou feel enjoy it. Come find out about it here.
Giving personal prophecies to other folks is a great blessing. Getting the gift of prophecy and having the capacity to give personal prophecy to people who request it over the Internet is a wonderful way to live.
Jesus said it is better to provide then receive. I run a website where I have eight people with the gift of prophecy and who deliver up to 20 prophecies to people who write set for personal prophecy. Leading a team of individuals in a prophetic website is highly rewarding and communicating with mature Christians who’ve that gift if a joy to my heart.
You too can bless people by giving personal prophecies. God will provide you with the gift of prophecy in the event that you ask Him for the gift and soon it is possible to give an individual prophecy to a person in need of one. One great way to practice your gift would be to do one or two personal prophecies a week for all of us online.
Do you have the faith to receive the gift of prophecy? Do you wish to pray a straightforward prayer of faith and have the gift? Then for practice that can be done a personal prophecy for one of us on the website and we can give you detailed feedback on the personal prophecy you do over us.
Request Personal Prophecy
Simply pray:
Father I would love one to give me the gift of prophecy. I desire to be in a position to give fellow believers a personal prophecy. Father I ask at this point you to provide me the gift by faith and that when i worship you and enter into the anointing that you’ll give me a prophecy for someone that I know, or even Matthew on the website. Thank you for the gift I have got by faith.
In Jesus name I pray.
Matthew Robert Payne was raised a Baptist, Baptized in a Pentecostal church and today worships at the Salvation Army. For four years he’s got operated a website that provides free personal prophecy and you may request your free prophecy today at []